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Brand Spotlight: Shirley Conlon Organics

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Tell Us More About Your Brand

Luxurious botanical beauty supercharged with bio-actives to enhance and restore your natural beauty. Our mission is to make you look and feel beautiful inside and out.

The concept of “Conscious Beauty” reflects in every aspect of our company, from ingredients and production to packaging and our environmental impact. Purchase with a purpose, every SCO product contributes to an array of charities around the world

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Founders Story

On moving to Dubai, my skin began to suffer with breakouts and hyperpigmentation from what I believe was a combination of; sun sensitive (photo-toxic) ingredients, rich viscosity raw materials and chemically loaded skincare. There was always at least one ingredient on the label that my skin could not tolerate and so my journey began to create effective, functional, clean products that were light weight, easily absorbed, chemical free and contained no photo-toxic additives – I wanted to create a skincare brand that actually made a difference to people’s lives. Products that other consciously beautiful people would be proud to use. Products with a mission, a story and a responsibility

I am a qualified and experienced cosmetic formulator specializing in natural and organic skincare products. I have a history of more than 20 years in the beauty industry as a trained cosmetologist and facialist and having worked as an international brand manager for a large cosmetic house, specializing in luxury, high-end, natural skincare brands.

 Why Clean Beauty?

‘A product is only as good as its ingredients’ Clean skin care begins with organic ingredients that are free from synthetic preservatives, parabens, pesticides, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, parfum. Most commercial brands use controversial ingredients that might make the skin look good short terms but synthetic ingredients cause skin allergies and other skin complaints in the long term.

Clean skin care works in harmony with your body and nature allowing your skin to breathe and maintain balance while living in a happy planet.

Why should we choose organic skincare?

The essence of an organic skin care brand is to encourage the use of natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin and lessen the risk of allergies. Organic ingredients contain long term benefits that help heal your skin. Our certified organic ingredients are from fair trade sustainable sources and we are proud to incorporate many local ingredients.

What sets Shirley Conlon Organics apart from the rest?

We focus on three main elements : 

  1. Quality – High performance, effective skincare that is affordable and a pleasure to use
  2. Sustainability – Zero waste zero plastic ethos, our products are presented in recyclable glass and no outer packaging. 
  3. Fresh – Made fresh in small batches to ensure quality, and efficacy Our artisanal products are hand-blended, fresh, and made in small batches at our Dubai laboratory.
What products are your fastest selling?

Our rosehip serum has always been our signature product and a best seller. We supercharge this with organic Botox and powerful antioxidants like carotenoids

Fountain of Youth Face Cream has always been a huge hit due to its amazing hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and apricot kernel. 

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Olive and Castor Bean Cleansing Milk because this formula is like no other! It is free from alcohol, detergents and surfactants so it works on the old principals of like removing like. It is PH balanced and respects the skins natural sebum. 

Our illuminate face polish is really popular because of the upcycled ingredients of blueberry and dates. It’s magic in a jar. The gel turns to an AHA milk when water is added to the skin 

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Vitamin C serum because it’s safe to use in the sun. It is stabilized and contains active collagen. This serum activated on contact with the skin and continues working up to 72 hours of application. It give instant noticeable effect on the skin.

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