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Beeswax Wraps: Smart and Sustainable Food Storage

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If you are taking baby steps to achieving a plastic-free kitchen or fridge, you found a friend in beeswax wraps! Ditch the plastic wraps or disposable Ziplocs because this versatile food wrap is the new way to go, and it’s an eco-friendly product that is super easy to SHIFT to!

But first, 

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What is a beeswax wrap?

This plastic-free food wrap is made of cotton fabric infused with a mix of feel good ingredients such as bee’s wax, mixture of plant-based oils and tree resin. These are what makes the beeswax wrap moldable and adherent to food and container surfaces- making it perfect for food storage in the house or on-the-go.   

Where can you use a beeswax wrap?

Beeswax wraps are perfect for any fresh or half-used fruits and vegetables. Still got half of a bell pepper left from your salad recipe? Save it for next time by keeping it nice and crisp wrapped in beeswax wrap or bag.

Any food items are basically good to be wrapped in this plastic wrap alternative except raw meat to avoid any sort of contamination. There are brilliant designs available now that makes it even more perfect for storage such as these beeswax bags. An excellent way for storing food away as well as wrapping your sandwich for take-out. 

How to use and reuse a beeswax wrap? 

Using a beeswax wrap to cover produce and other food is just as simple as using an ordinary cling film or plastic film. You will just have to first activate the wax and oils in the fabric by crumpling a newly opened wrap in your warm hands a couple of times until you see that it can be molded to fit your produce or container. If needed, give it a rinse and dry before storing or reusing for another use. 

How to make your reusable food wrap last? 
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Since the base ingredient of this organic beeswax wrap is basically wax and oils, it is advisable to wash it under cold water with a little bit of a plant-based or biodegradable dishwashing liquid. Hang it to dry every after use or pat dry with a cotton kitchen towel. 

Beeswax wraps can last for a very long time especially when being taken care of properly. Another good thing about this is that at the end of its lifecycle, you can throw it away together with your food scraps and into your compost bin and let it go back to earth to be plant and soil food. 

If you are to shift from the traditional plastic wraps with an organic beeswax wrap or bag, then congratulations! You are one step closer to achieving a more sustainable home kitchen! 

You’re not alone. Share your experiences, tips, tricks; post your questions or even challenge what we’ve written! Let’s build an eco-conscious community together!

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