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A Clean and Green Home: Introduction to Eco-friendly Home Cleaning

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Have you felt choice-paralyzed by the number of available home cleaning items there are in the market nowadays? 

We’re glad to break the news to you – you don’t need one per corner of your home. And, yes, it is possible to achieve a truly clean home without risking your health by exposure to toxic chemicals with the help of eco friendly household products.

What makes all these eco-friendly home cleansers amazing? 
  • It saves you $$$ from buying dozens of other cleaning products. 
  • Achieve a health and eco-friendly home for the whole family, including your pets. 
  • Have less worries about allergies and skin reactions brought by harsh and dangerous chemicals. 
  • Helps lessen the contamination of our water system by flushing down only clean and eco-friendly products.
  • Breathe-in fresher air inside your home by avoiding the toxic evaporations of chemicals. Your indoor plants will do better. 
  • Get creative by mixing your favorite essential oils for the bonus of a fresh smelling home. 

Here we’ll be introducing you to our favorite cleaning products that will make your home feel cleaner, greener and safer.

Let’s dive right in!

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

How many plastic bottles of cleaners do you have in your cabinets that has ingredients that you can’t even pronounce? Here’s how you can choose better:

  • Using a multi-purpose cleaner: This saves you from acquiring more and more plastic waste that you will just throw out eventually.  Here are a few of our favourite picks:
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Another product you can use is Bicarbonate of soda. This is readily available and can effectively clean your entire home. It’s extremely versatile and can be used as a mild abrasive, scouring agent and deodorizer to dissolve dirt, tackle odors and cut through grime. You’ll never spend on expensive cleaning products again once you find out the power of this multi-tasking product!

  • Using plant based Solutions: These are the perfect choice for a really safe & toxic free home. They are made with 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients that are very efficient for cleaning your kitchen, scrubbing surface stains, mopping the floors or wiping down all other surfaces around the house. Not only are they eco-friendly but are safer & gentler for your babies & pets.

Our pick for this one is the locally made The Botanist. Made of 100% pure virgin olive oil Castile Soap, this product is 100% natural & vegan, and what’s better, it comes in refillable glass bottles!

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  • Using concentrates: Using home cleaning concentrates are a great way of cutting down waste, like multiple bottles you purchase. They last so much longer, also helping you save a buck on the quantity & trips made to the supermarket.  Look up these options, that are traditionally made, yet extremely efficient in cleaning made by a small French family run business:

And then there is a whole new set of product concentrates from Dutybox. EPA certified, their capsules will replace a whole bottle of the same product from the supermarket. This starter kit include a complete home cleaning solution and is sufficient for 6 months average use for the family of four. 

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If you are still very used to using ready-made but eco-friendly cleaning products, then the next item might be well suited for you.

The Ultimate Green Cleaning Starter Kit 

Your ultimate starter pack that replaces almost every nasty product in your storage. These includes ready-made items that sweep your home clean from the entry-way up to the farthest corner of your house. This kit comes in reusable glass bottles and tin can that can be refilled when done. The efficiency of these cleaning products are powered by all-natural, plant-based ingredients, proven safe for all-around use. Cherry on top, your home will surely be smelling like fresh nature because of the soothing mix of essential oils blended into these products. 

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Mainstream cleaning products are generally a sore to the eyes when displayed in open storage. This is where The Botanist Starter Kit stands out because it comes in a wooden box that adds aesthetic wherever you place them. 


Doing the laundry is one of the household duties that requires a huge amount of energy (from washer and dryer) and resources (water). Shifting to plant-based, biodegradable laundry products is not only gentle for the environment but is also gentle for your skin. 

Laundry detergents, for example, are filled with artificial fragrances and an A-Z list of unfamiliar chemicals that harshly removes dirt from the clothes and leaves traces of chemical in it that sometimes causes reactions to the skin. 

Products like the ecoegg is a very unique, effective and easy-use laundry detergent that uses natural minerals to lift dirt from the clothing fiber, leaving it clean, fresh and gentle to the skin. You may also now ditch the fabric conditioner, because by changing the pH level, it also softens the fabric. 

Your clothes surely will receive a tender loving care with this new laundry washing system. 

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For a more traditional way, soap chips like the La Corvette DIY Laundry Detergent is the perfect choice! It comes in 2 variants: vegetable oil and olive oil as the main ingredients. This truly helps you save a buck as 1 packet of these can make upto 25 litres of laundry solution! 

Compostable Floor and Dish Brush

Dirt and stains are not made equal. That is where brushes can come in handy when it comes to cleaning. Brushes are also not made equal. While efficient, normal brushes made of plastic are often another source of water pollution (and pollution in general)- plastic. 

Choose a fully compostable floor and dish brush. Made up of plant fibres and wood base or handles. One less item to let rot in the landfill. 

Note that no innocent trees were harmed in the making of these brushes. The source for the woods used in these products is also certified sustainable and responsibly managed. 

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We’re hoping that one of these segments will become helpful for an easy shift to eco-friendly home cleaning products. Let us know what you think?

You’re not alone. Share your experiences, tips, tricks; post your questions or even challenge what we’ve written! Let’s build an eco-conscious community together!

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