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Brand Spotlight: Earthfix Hub

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The Founders

Earthfix HUB started out in 2015 as a manufacturer of upcycled products. The vision is to help reduce trash and educate the Abu Dhabi community about the importance of zero-waste homes. It was started by 2 friends, Vanessa Abellera and Jay Bertoldo, both architects. Later on, because of full time careers and growing families, they both decided to take a break. During the pandemic, when Vanessa’s husband, Kid Rosales, lost his job, they both decided to use  the gratuity he received from his company on Earthfix HUB, and so they picked up they left off and the rest is history.

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Why Eco-friendly Products?

This is the generation that has seen the dramatic change in climate, the wildlife, and the environment in general, and it is hard to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.

The most natural thing to do is to act on it, help the environment in any way, no matter how small and enable people to do it, too.

What sets Earthfix Hub apart from the rest?

We are a small family business. That means every bag of products that reach you has a personal touch, and much care and love has been poured to it.

How do you source and develop your products to ensure they are eco-friendly?

As much as possible, we have our products made locally. But because there are products that have to be manufactured from outside the country, we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees through One Tree Planted.

Our products are reusable, made of sustainably sourced natural materials, and biodegradable.

What products are your fastest selling?

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