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Brand Spotlight – Ethica Eco

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Circular Eco

1.     Tell us about Ethica Eco Elements 

Ethica Eco Elements is an impact focused small business launched in June 2021, providing sustainable alternatives to everyday products: home, fashion, wellness and pets, and aims to inspire you towards a more eco-friendly and healthier life by making easy and simple switches available.  

2.     A little bit about the Founder / story of how you started out 

My journey with the brand is a little different than you might expect. I founded Ethica Eco Elements with two goals: to make a positive impact by inspiring people towards greener living and to build a way to support myself and my loving dog, Darko.  

candace and darko

Adopting Darko played a massive role in bringing back that eco warrior energy into my life. Abandoned due to his health condition (he is hypoallergenic plus has a genetic skin disorder), I felt paranoid the first time I had to shower him or feed him. I began heavily researching product ingredients and diet options, and that’s when my lifestyle drastically changed.  

During this time, as I researched, I began to realize how toxic our everyday products are and the severity of earth’s environmental issues. Following a sports accident late 2020, that slowed me into rethinking my goals and my definition of a fulfilled life, I decided to pause my career in HR and follow my passion for sustainable living even if it meant using my savings to learn all about starting a small business and eventually build a platform that would inspire change.  

Eco Beauty
Ethica Eco Elements Logo

3.     What impact is Ethica Eco Elements trying to make  

I’m working hard towards reducing waste, the recent launch of my ‘Segunda Vida Collection’, focuses on reducing waste by hand crafting beautiful fashion pieces from waste materials with a goal to bring in products that are purposeful & meaningful. The major problem in today’s world is the result of a difference in how nature works and how people are shaped to think and act.


Our mindset is our biggest asset and that’s what I’m aiming to reshape, I’m heavily focusing on reducing the dependency on single use plastic, reshaping the way we consume and what we choose to consume, all with the help of people who believe in Ethica Eco Elements mission. 

4.     What sets ‘Ethica Eco Elements’ apart? 

Ethica Eco Elements prioritizes impact, ethical practices and puts the planet first. I know that just selling eco-friendly lifestyle products is not going to save the planet, but helping people make the switch and inspiring them towards sustainability and conscious living, will make a massive difference in the health of our planet. Every product in Ethica Eco’s collection has a purpose, a reason for impact. I truly believe that every step taken to help the environment, no matter how large or small, is a step in the right direction. 

Essential Oils 1
Gift Set

5.     As a new company, where do you aspire to be in 5 years?

Making a bigger impact. While I do have big plans, being a small business run by one means we will need time for those plans to take shape. I’m currently passionately advocating and actioning sustainable lifestyle practices via my platform, and in 5 years, I envision the brand to be able to increase public awareness about the importance of living consciously. I plan to achieve this by creating educational programs, wellness programs, clean up drives and more. There are two key aspects I aspire to work towards, first is saving our planet and second is leading a healthy and happy life.

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