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Brand Spotlight – Rebound

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Tell us about Rebound. The inspiration behind the creation of Rebound and its mission?

Rebound emerged from a dire need to combat the surge in single-use plastics during the COVID-19 pandemic. While these materials offered a vital lifeline for frontline workers and facilitated the explosion of food and grocery deliveries, they also became a symbol of the environmental challenges we are faced with today, plastic pollution. It was during this crisis that Maryam saw an opportunity to make a difference in the UAE, a nation known for its spirit of ‘The Land of Dreamers Who Do’.

Rebound’s global mission is to keep plastics out of the environment and within the economy, being part of the solution to reducing plastic pollution.

What impact is Rebound trying to make?

Rebound is committed to making a significant impact on several fronts:

  • Reducing plastic pollution by promoting the reuse, repurpose, and recycling of plastics.
  • Fostering a circular economy where plastics are continuously reused, and waste is minimized.
  • Facilitating global collaboration among stakeholders to ensure quality, compliance, and transparency in recycled plastic trade through Rebound’s trading platform, Rebound Platform.
  • Empowering individuals, businesses, and governments to take proactive measures against plastic pollution through Rebound’s advisory services; Rebound Solutions.

What are the positive impacts Rebound has already made?

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Since its inception in September 2022, Rebound has onboarded over 210 members from more than 60 countries to the Rebound Platform. This growth signifies a global community committed to sustainable practices. Additionally, Rebound has been recognized as the only entity in the GCC by the World Economic Forum as a Tech Pioneer. Rebound has also actively contributed to raising awareness about the importance of recycling plastics and has collaborated with a multitude of entities to not only raise awareness but also to meet their sustainability goals, through Rebound’s advisory services; Rebound Solutions.

Rebound Map

Can you share some future plans or initiatives that Rebound has in store to enhance its impact?

Rebound has an ambitious roadmap ahead, including:

  • Expanding our platform’s user base to connect even more stakeholders.
  • Collaborating with governments and organizations to shape policies that promote sustainability.
  • Expanding our advisory services through Rebound Solutions to drive meaningful change at all levels within the value-chain.

Finally, what advice would you give to other businesses and brands looking to become more sustainable and socially responsible in their operations?

I would offer the following advice:

  • Commit to a clear mission and purpose.
  • Be open to competition as it means that you are on the right path.
  • Embrace innovation and technology to drive sustainable practices.
  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations and stakeholders.
  • Continuously educate yourself on sustainability efforts that are made globally.
  • Be transparent about your sustainability journey, sharing both successes and challenges.
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