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Reuse and Repurpose: Get creative with gift wrapping while being kind to Mother Earth

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Gifting is for every season and occasion. And while it is fun to give and receive gifts, it is also important that we consider its possible impact to the environment. Know the person we are giving gifts to and see what they really need or want to avoid things to just go to waste. One great starting point to a waste-free gifting seasons like Ramadan, Christmas, or thanksgiving is to find an eco-friendly gift-wrapping alternative. 

Get ready to be creatively eco-friendly!

1.   Scrap fabric, an old scarf or cloth

Fabric or cloth gift wrappers are versatile and reusable. In Japan, cloth wrapping is a traditional way to wrap gifts or even everyday items like lunchboxes. This is called Furoshiki. Imagine if only more people realize how they can get super creative with using fabric wrapper for gifts, we will never need to waste a ton of shiny paper, plastic tapes or ribbons anymore.

All you need to do is look for any old cloth, scarf or hanky that you do not use anymore (a scrap fabric will also do, if you have them). Choose a fabric that fits your gift just enough or cut it up to size. Ideally, use a square-shaped cloth wrapper so you can easily fold it in to cover different shapes and sizes of gifts.

Picture 1

Another great thing about wrapping a gift with fabric is that it is as secure as using a tape and does not need a ribbon for additional design. Voila! Talk about being chic and eco-friendly.

2.   Brown paper, newspaper, or kraft paper

Give another life to paper bags, newspaper or other gift wraps from the previous gifting season. You can go simply rustic with brown bags or a little decorative and funky with newspapers or magazines. This is a great way to save papers that might just go to the dump.

Reusing paper wrapper options are not only eco-friendly but are also very affordable. You may choose to go tape -free and use a jute or paper twine instead to secure the cover.

eco friendly gift wrapped in brown paper Z3CH6DL

Go further with aesthetics by clipping a dried or fresh plant cutting to your gift. Another tip is make use of fresh flower or plant decors you have at home. There are several ways of drying a flower or a plant such as using an oven or a dehydrator but to make it simpler, you may also opt to just hang it dry either the sun or insert it between pages of a book until it has fully dried up. And there! You’re up a notch with your gift-wrapping design.

Save up your shopping bags and other packaging and don’t shy away from reusing it so you can lessen slowly lessen your waste.

3.   Glass
hand holds jar of colorful candies 7VSCWM9 1 1

Wondering what to do with empty glass jars aside from bringing it to the grocery to buy zero-waste bulk food items? This could be the perfect gift packaging for some very thoughtful gift such as food. Baked bites, ready-to-make recipes or a mix of your favorite teas or homemade soy candles are some of the best ideas to put in a glass gifting jar. You can reuse a glass to ‘wrap’ literally any kind of your favorite eco-friendly knick-knacks.

And like wrapping gifts with an old newspaper or cloth wrapper, the same design ideas apply to using a glass jar. Add a biodegradable jute twine or some colorful DIY paper twine made from old papers. Amazing how creative you can get with these things that are surely just lying around your home!

4. Reusable bags

There are tons of good-looking bags that can be re-used by the person who receives the gift. From cloth wine bags to tote’s there are some super cute options available out there!

P.S – Opt for gifts that are eco-friendly. This not only makes for a great gift but also encourages your near and dear ones to get inspired to kickstart their green journey! Have a look at few of our options for inspiration:

We hope you got some creative inspirations on how to reuse and repurpose old fabric and scrap papers for an all-year round gifting! And once you do, don’t forget to send us some pictures!

Happy Shifting!
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