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New Year Awareness – It’s the time to implement!

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There is such an information overload these days. We all know it all. We know what’s good for us, what’s good for the planet ….but implementing that knowledge is a totally different ball game. The missing ingredient is awareness.

Once we shift our mind to the aware mode, there’s no going wrong. The simple shifts happen automatically when we are in a state of awareness. No more wastage – wastage encompasses a lot of our daily actions – water usage, electricity, fuel, food, clothes etc.

We instinctively look for better alternatives and make the right decisions. We automatically reach out to switch off the lights when not required, reduce the flow of the tap, put leftovers to good use and so on. 

It’s good to impart this knowledge to house help. Making them conscious  really helps as they handle a fair amount of the house work. Encourage them to be more careful of water usage when washing. Even while serving drinking water it’s a good idea to keep a carafe or bottle of water with empty glasses so that everyone can serve the desired quantity. 

Needless to say, lights and fans should be switched off when not required. The bonus is that children imbibe all that they see. They absorb behavioural patterns more than instructions. So for them switching off a light when they step out of a room or not leaving a tap running becomes a way of life! 

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I have made some very simple and doable resolutions for the coming year. Small shifts like these in our daily lifestyle can have a massive positive impact on the planet!

  • Reduce electricity wastage by switching off things when not in use, by using energy efficient devices and bulbs that not only save electricity but reduce the bills as well. 
  • Reduce water wastage by using water effectively by switching off the tap when not in use, by using water efficient devices to reduce water consumption.
  • Minimising single use products and opt for reusable products like a reusable bottle, cup and make sure you have them with you on the go!
  • Save fuel by walking more, car pooling and using more public transport.  This is an effective tool to reduce traffic and pollution.

The 3 R’s of sustainability – reduce, reuse and recycle should be our mantra. We must strive to live harmoniously with nature. 

A simple change of behaviour is the solution — so come be part of the change by making these small shifts this year!

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