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Focus on Small Shifts: Easy Transitions to an Eco-friendly Living

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You may think that shifting to being eco-friendly is daunting! We feel you. We’ve been there before. But we promise you, once you started the first time, you’ll realize that there is no going back. And hey, it feels super rewarding! 

Sit back and take note of these easy recommendations for an easy transition to an eco-friendly living: 

1. Challenge yourself & your friends and family 

Spice up your sustainability journey by joining the community for some 30-day or 21-day or how-many-you-want-day challenge. Better than that, create a game around it with your spouse and kids! Set up a weekly points system, and simply add a point each for any eco-decision they make from purchases to re-use and recycling! 

 2. Set your goal

Wanting to stop or at least reduce your use of single-use plastic from grocery shopping? You don’t have to wait for Plastic-free July to do this. Better yet, name any month a Plastic Free Month and take on the challenge. Keep your reusable shopping and produce bags where you can see before heading to the grocery- it can be your car, your kitchen, or shoot it in your purse. That’s one small step that makes a huge difference. 

3. SHIFT one item at a time

Do an audit of your things. There could be one that you’ve been wanting to replace now?  

Perhaps your old toothbrush is almost at its retirement? This is the chance to try out bamboo toothbrush. 

Last few drops out of that shampoo bottle?  Next time you might want to shift to something better such as a vegan, cruelty-free and organic one. Or better – packaging free shampoo bars. There are some really good ones out there! 

Running out of foil or cling wrap for the left overs? It’s the time to switch to beeswax wraps then! You’re sure to never run out of food wrapper ever again. 

How much more storage have you got for a ton of toxic cleaning supplies? Save a ton of money and steer clear of those chemicals by replacing it with an all-natural, biodegradable, all-purpose cleaner.

4. Choose one SHIFT every month

This is a less intimidating start to your eco-journey. Simply pick one change every month. 

Choose from carrying a re-usable coffee mug this January, to a recycle right February, or start composting in June! Pick water saving for September or choose kitchen SHIFTS for November!

Small SHIFTS are such a win! As much as we try to encourage doing eco shifts, it is also important that we don’t overwhelm ourselves. Keep it simple but consistent. You’ll be surprised to see the big changes that these small SHIFTS will bring you. 

You’re not alone. Share your experiences, tips, tricks; post your questions or even challenge what we’ve written! Let’s build an eco-conscious community together!

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