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Webinar | Sustainable Living Made Easy

Come hear from our panel of sustainability champions about tips, hacks and green shifts.


  • Celeidh Cook, Co-founder, Eco Rascals (Children’s eco-friend tableware brand)
    Unhappy with the lack of organic baby products easily accessible in the UAE market,  Celedh with her co-founder set about bringing a solution to the UAE.  Celeidh is responsible for product innovation and design, marketing and sales for Eco Rascals which is now available in over 30 countries worldwide.
  • Natalie Banks, Founder and Director, Azraq (Ocean protection and conservation, UAE)
    Natalie is a qualified journalist, a scuba diving instructor and is passionate about supporting marine conservation issues in the region and is the Founder of a not-for-profit organisation called Azraq which in Arabic means “Blue.”  Natalie works extensively to safeguard the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems.
  • Kim Lythgo, Co-founder, The Bees Knees (Eco-friendly reusable bees wax wraps brand)
    Kim is the co-founder of The Bees Knees and is very passionate about livingsustainably. 


Dec 14 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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